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Influence at Scale


In this recorded webinar, you will learn:

  • How to discover and engage with influencers in a way that grows sustainably

  • Strategies for leveraging influencer content across your funnel

  • The data you need to score and develop your group of influencers


We need to get organized with our influencer strategy

As the number of influential accounts across the internet starts ramping up exponentially—there is a huge opportunity for savvy and well-organized marketing departments to reap huge ROI. At the same time, too many e commerce shops either bail too early on their influencer efforts or tolerate a barely-profitable influencer program. 

Using influencers at every stage of the funnel can pay out huge if your brand can scale your influencer efforts—you just need the right data to allow that scale to happen. 

Join MuteSix and Grin as we help you determine the organization you need to scale your influencer program.


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